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Environmental and Sustainability Policy

We are committed to educating young people about climate change and through education and engagement learn how to live their lives with focus on:

1) reduced waste (food,water and goods)
2) considerate consumption (only buy what we need)
3) recycling, repurpose, reuse – everything that is possible
4) sensible energy use
5) sustainable living
6) awareness for the environment
7) care and protection of nature, and
8) economics of biodiversity


As we transform the way we live, we aim to influence and educate ourselves, our families and our communities and are committed to:

1) Equality considerations in all our action
2) Diversity considerations in all our actions
3) Concern for the environment and biodiversity in all our actions
4) Adhering to environmental laws and regulations


We commit to grounding our education and conversations in the best available science and fact-based evidence and to promoting tolerance and consideration in our discussions and actions.

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