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Y-CAN Awards

Y-CAN believes Awards provide a valuable mechanism to inspire, support, empower and recognise Youth Education, Action and Innovation in the fight to mitigate the effects of climate change.


Y-CAN Awards are structured to encourage you to work hard for meaningful goals, to be proud of your accomplishments and have your achievements recognised and respected.


Y-CAN Awards is open to all students up to the age of 25 and each award level can be worked on individually or in groups anywhere in the world.

Join our network and connect to existing programs or create your own. Engage with mentors and advisors to develop your program of climate action and when completed apply to us for an award.

Colleges, universities and employers are looking for young people who take initiative, who engage in problem solving and creative thinking and who can demonstrate positive impact with their extra-curricular work. But more than that, we know by empowering YOU, our brilliant young community committed to climate action, we will enhance our global chances of successfully reaching our urgent climate goals and you will power your own well-being, especially in the time of COVID19.

Read More about the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards >

Award Anchor


Bronze is awarded for outstanding individual or group work


Silver is awarded for outstanding work within your school/community


Gold is awarded for an outstanding contribution more broadly

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