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Action at home

Create energy efficiency and waste reduction programs around your home

Action at SChool

Create energy efficiency and waste reduction programs for your school

Action in your community

Expand your programs for community benefits


Take your climate change mitigations actions to the next level

Following education is action. Action is the next step in our climate work. We are committed to spreading our knowledge and are creating websites, masterclasses, seminars and games for primary school students through to university.

Rainbow Keyboard

Action to Educate Primary Students

George Watson's 'child friendly' climate web-page:

George Watson's College's team are currently programming and designing a web page that uses scenarios and interactive features to demonstrate climate change and what can be done to change it, in a child friendly format which can be used in primary schools. This is important to talk about with younger children because they may feel quite helpless about how they can make a difference. Another reason behind designing the website is to instill climate friendly habits in people from a young age so that being environmentally conscious is something that they just do by nature from a young age, so the idea of helping the environment isn't as daunting as they get older.

The website will also highlight the link between indigenous  people around the world and climate change. The environment is often a huge part of indigenous people's cultures and many make it a priority to preserve it. Studies have found that indigenous communities protect about 80% of the world's biodiversity, yet they are often the ones to struggle with the consequences of climate change most and sadly their voices often go unheard. This is why we want to educate younger people on the importance of inclusivity when it comes to climate change. Alongside this, we aim to include what we can do to support indigenous people and communities in order to help them preserve their culture and have the necessary support to fight climate change in their own communities.

Action to Educate Secondary Students

King's College masterclass series:

Lucas, Kaspar and Rafael - students from King's College Wimbledon, have been working on designing, filming and broadcasting their climate change masterclass series to a range of partnership schools across the world. Each episode in the masterclass series focuses on a different section of MIT Sloan's Climate Interactive's En-ROADS Simulator. En-ROADS is a transparent, freely-available climate change simulation model that gives everyone the chance to design their own scenarios to limit global warming. Upon completion of the course and it's accompanied assessments, students will have a much greater understanding of the problem of global climate change, and the energy and equality related issues that must be addressed. Furthermore, upon certification of completion, students may then choose to further their climate related endeavours through the Y-CAN awards system.

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