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Gold Award - Beyond your Community

The Y-CAN Gold Award is challenging. It is a badge of honour to achieve and rewards your determination, innovation and commitment to climate change solutions

To achieve the Gold Awards, students will need to work on more substantial projects aimed at creating impact beyond your local environment. For example, extend your communication skills in widescale education initiative, develop major innovation and contribute to research projects with academic leads.

Gold Award winners may be invited to present their ideas more extensively at the Y-CAN Annual Gold Award Conference and put forward for international prizes for climate change work.

Project Planning

Evidence the education material you have engaged with, mentor and partner conversations you have had around ideas you have brainstormed and
describe what you learnt and how this shaped your project. Set out the action steps of your project.


Provide a summary of each of the action steps of your project.


Writing in your logbook, describe your findings, both from what you have learnt and what impact you have had. Depending on your project, this section will be
for reflection, what went well, what needed to be revised or rethought. If appropriate, provide a summary of your findings in a scientific report format. You can be
creative, use a power-point presentation, videos, poster etc.


Minimum 80 hours, logbook, presentation (e.g. power-point, poster, short film) recording each stage of your work. You will need to provide evidence of your
work and its impact by submitting a Y-CAN AWARD REPORT summarising your work.


Present your findings to a panel of experienced experts to decide whether gold has been achieved. Support will be provided from your advisory group and mentors. Submit your application to

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