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Ideas To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What can you do as an individual?

Fly less

Drive Electric

Wear clothes to last (avoid fast fashion)

Repair and reuse

Eat more plant-based food

Walk and Cycle More

Cut your food waste

Talk about ideas with your friends

Bring your own bag 

Drive less

Buy Vintage/second hand clothing

Buy Recycled material clothing

Drive smoother (use less harsh braking)

Plan routes and journeys to be more efficient 



What can you do as a household?

Insulate your home

Dial it down (turn down heating at home)

Switch to renewable energy 

Eat seasonal

Get locally produced and plant based meals

Lights off in rooms not using 

Plan meals to reduce waste

Freeze left-overs

Compost food waste

Wash clothes in cold water

Avoid items with excess packaging

Energy audit your home (track energy consumption)

Change bulbs to LED

Install low flow shower heads

When voting politically also consider green agendas



What can you do as a school/business/community?

Voice changes you think could be made at your school (speak up)

Switch to renewable energy (solar panels/wind)

Local produce and plant-based meals in canteen



Eat seasonal produce

Avoid items with excess packaging

Use "Energy Star" certified goods which are more energy efficient

Change bulbs to LED

Sign up to clean/green energy suppliers

Support companies with real environmental and sustainably policies

Off set your emissions



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