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Are the current climate polices enough?

Current polices to reduce, or at least slow down growth, in CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions will have some impact on reducing future warming. 

  • As we see in the chart shown here, current implemented climate and energy policies would reduce warming relative to a world with no climate policies in place.

  • This chart maps out future greenhouse gas emissions scenarios under a range of assumptions: if no climate policies were implemented; if current policies continued; if all countries achieved their current future pledges for emissions reductions; and necessary pathways which are compatible with limiting warming to 1.5 degrees or 2 degrees of warming this century.

If countries achieved their current "Pledges" (also shown on the chart), this would be an even further improvement. In this regard the world is making some progress. 

However, if our aim is to limit warming to "well below 2 degrees" as laid out in the Paris Agreement, we clearly have a lot of progress to make.

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